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Lex Tirado is an artist from Manati, Puerto Rico, self-taught, settled for a few years in New York; he was interested from early ages in the Puerto Rican customs and traditions, the tropical colors, which he began to capture in drawings. However, it was not until October 2014 that he launched his first art exhibition titled innA.T.o.

Besides, he has made numerous individual exhibitions and has participated in multiple groups both within Puerto Rico and also in New York City. He has been able to create masterpieces and permanent in government centers and teaching centers on the island.

In the works of Lex, you can see the technique of acrylic and mixed media with the incorporation of jewelry, applications, textiles, metals, and so on. It also uses vibrant, intense and provocative colors applied with rhythmic and decisive strokes that create a harmonic pattern throughout the work. It inspires life itself and achieves, in an almost magical way, the viewer to enter into their work.


He is a versatile artist, whose styles and transitions give him the ability to adapt to changes. His diversity has led him to venture into the fashion of women's art and has reflected his colors and works in clothing for ladies, which has led him to be besieged in the world of fashion. He was recently in Puerto Rico joining forces to recreate a work of art in a wedding cake entering the haute cuisine.

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